Studio 9

08/25/2005 WLFilter 0.9.1. (
This Zip File contains a collection of all my RTFx plugins for Pinnacle Studio 9.
Please read the license agreement and the installation instruction (contained in the ZIP files).
This is a Beta Release.

NOTE: Plugins should not be replaced when they are used in current projects, because the new version may use different parameter. This may result in ‘Invalid Argument’ errors in Studio and you may not be able to edit parts of this project.

This Plugins will not work with Pinnacle Studio 10. For Studio 10 see here.

No future updates are planed for the Studio 9 Version of this Plugins.



BG with Lines 1.2 (WLline)
Creates an animated background for text. Can be one or two (top and bottom) bars. The left side gleams a little bit in the color of the Movie. Gloss light (scintillation) moves at the edges of the bars. The moving speed is adjustable.
Color of background and lines can be specified.


Black and White/Sepia 1.1 (WLsw)
Converts frame to Black and White or Sepia. Conversion is be done from RGB with human color perception or only from the Red, Green or Blue channel. Black and white, or several predefined sepia colors can be selected. The Intensity of the effect can be justified.


Blur Effect 1.1 (WLblur)
This filter is an Average Filter. Blur radius can be set up to 50 pixels. The speed is independent of the blur radius.
Additional an ghost effect, increase of bright areas (slow) and some color brightness effects can be added. By overlaying the original frame the intensity can be justified.
Version 1.1: Fade in/out is now supported.


Color Control 1.1 (WLcolorcontrol)
Contains following Functions:

  • Simple White Balance.
    Allows the user to use a color picker and pick an area from the preview frame which should be neutral white or gray. This value will than be used to recalculate the colors of the clip.
  • Color Balance
    Slider for Cyan/Red, Magenta/Geen and Yellow/Blue.
  • Contrast
  • Brightness additive
  • Brightness multiplikativ
    Corrects over- or underexposure without washing out color too strongly but it also intensifies the colors, highlights or sharpen images. This filter is based on the Multiply and Screen blending mode. Each pixel is blended with itself.
  • Saturation.


Color Look 1.0 (WLcolorlook)


Color Pass 1.1 (WLcolorpass)
Based on the ‘HSV’ filter. The color is selected with the color control. For the selected color (+/-15°) the saturation is unchanged. For the next +/-30° the saturation will go soft and smoothly to 0 . The rest of Image is displayed in black and white.
Version 1.1: Fade in/out is now supported.

Color Pass

Color Pass Enhanced 1.1 (WLcolorpassenh)
This filter is based on the ‘Color Pass’ filter, but with extended adjustment possibilities. The color can be selected alternatively over a color control or a color slider.(-180° - 180°)
Color gamut can be adjusted from 0° to 330°.
The transition between color and b/w can set from 0% (hard) to 100% (very soft). 
You can switch on an assistance graphic in the preview window. IMPORTANT: Switch off the assistance graph before the real rendering.
Version 1.1: Fade in/out is now supported.

Color Pass Enh

Destabilizer 1.0 (WLdestabilizer)
Implementing a still into a video looks unnaturally. This filter tries to produce the easy movement of a hand-guided camera.
Stills will look more like part of the video.


Dream Border1 1.0 (WLborder)
Draws a colored border in various ways: solid, smooth, transparent and sized. Intensity of the effect can be justified. The original source frame can be overlaid and sized (Picture in Picture).

Border Effect1

Dream Border2 1.0 (WLborder2)
Draws a blurred border around the image. Blur factor, brightness, size, position and shadow can be justified. The original source frame can be overlaid (Picture in Picture). An additional small white border can be drawn..

Border Effect 2

Gloss Light 1.0 (WLglosslight)
Creates randomly generated gloss light. The gloss light is only shown at color areas witch is equal (+/- adjustable tolerance) to the color selected with the color control.
Quantity and size of the gloss light is also adjustable


Gloss Light2 1.0 (WLglosslight2)


Histogram 1.0 (WLhistogramenh)


Poster 1.1 (WLposter)
Works different than normal posterize filter.
Color and gray scale is handled separately. The posterize effect is only build from the selectable count of gray levels.
The color can be blurred separately.
The saturation is adjustable. 
Version 1.1: Fade in/out is now supported.


Rain 1.0 (WLrain)


Scatter 1.0 (WLscatter)


Snow 1.0 (WLsnow)
Let it snow. You can specify the quantity of snowflakes.


Spot 1.1 (WLspot)
Circular, moved Spot.
Size, starting and final position in time are adjustable.
Background is selectable: blur (small, means, strongly), brightly, darkly, black and white.
The effect is reversibly (i.e. blurred spot with sharp background).
Changes with 1.1 (08a):
The Idea was using the spot filter also for circular PIPs (thanks to Ann C.). Red, green and blue can now be selected for chroma key usage. Also fade-in/out and some other minor enhancements are included.


Spot enhanced 1.0 (WLspotenh)


Stars 1.0 (WLstars)
Similar to the Snow filter, but instead of snowflakes stars are falling down. Quantity, size, color and speed can be specified.


Vibration 1.1 (WLvibration)
Vertical amplitude of the Vibration is adjustable. 
Version 1.1: You can select now horizontal or vertical movement.








WLFilter 0.9.1

This version will fix a problem in Plugin ‘BG with Lines’. The Error (black screen) occured with WLFilter 0.8 and 0.9 and only with Studio 9.4.3


WLFilter 0.9

Replaces 0.8 and 0.8a:
New Plugins:

  • Color Control 1.1
  • Color Look 1.0
  • Gloss Light2 1.1
  • Histogram
  • Rain 1.0
  • Scatter 1.0
  • Spot Enhanced

The Plugins Brightness, HSV, RGB and Simple White balance are now replaced by the Plugin Color Control.


WLFilter 0.8a

Addendum to 0.8. (3 Plugins new, 1 Plugin changed)


WLFilter 0.8

Initial Version (15 Plugins)







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